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Payday Loans

Choice of loan: mortgage or payday loan? what to choose?

You may be faced with the following choice: are you going to borrow money with a mortgage or payday loan? This may be the case, for example, borrowing money for the renovation of your home or borrowing money for your residual debt. What are the differences between these loan products and when is one more […]

Check how much you have to earn to get a cash loan.

Many different types of loans can be distinguished in the credit offer of banks. Among others, these are cash loans, included in the group of liabilities of any purpose. The customer can therefore use the money obtained for the purpose of his choice. It’s worth knowing who has the chance to get a cash loan. […]

Can I go to jail for outstanding loans?

A non-bank loan is a product that allows us to bounce back in difficult life situations. However, it is worth remembering that unpaid debts will be a huge problem and the consequences of failing to pay a loan can be severe. Unpaid debts in a loan company The services provided are based on support at […]

The right credit card for employees.

In medium-sized and large companies in particular, it is not uncommon for employees to be provided with their own credit cards. It allows freedom of payment on business trips and on customer appointments, as well as transparent accounting of expenses. What are the advantages of credit cards for employees? Such a credit card has decisive […]

The right credit card for backpackers.

The credit card is an indispensable component on longer trips. It is required for flight booking, hotel reservations or for a rental car. Therefore, a suitable credit card is part of the standard travel equipment of every backpacker. Backpacker: advantages of a credit card Of course you can take a large amount of money with […]

Prepaid credit card: so top up your credit (fast & secure).

Prepaid credit cards offer numerous advantages. For example, users retain full cost control. Only charging the credit is considered cumbersome. There are now some quick, easy and safe solutions for this process. Top up prepaid credit card: The “classic” way A prepaid credit card combines the functions of a classic credit card with those of […]

Risks with loans – How should you manage the risks that exist around loans?

When you borrow money, especially through quick loans, you get money in hand today against the promise that you will repay the entire amount with the agreed interest in the future. This construction, of course, creates a financial risk. The risk is that sometime in the future you will not be able to pay interest […]